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  *TGCS User ID & password ARE required



  *TGCS User ID & password ARE NOT required


Session Dates October 3rd - December 12th

Hour-long classes run at 9AM, 10AM, and 11AM

Note: Classes are not in session Thanksgiving weekend.


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Registration - Things to Note


Registration closes early this week - please register your child today!

Fill up your Shopping Cart before Checkout.

Students may register for up to three ten-week courses, starting at 9AM, 10AM, and 11AM.

Courses must be selected according to your child's CURRENT grade.  Grade-skipping is not allowed.

Class sizes are limited and fill quickly. 

Registration is first-come, first-served.

Special discounts are available for multiple course registrations and Member siblings.

Your child's TGCS Membership must be activated/renewed prior to registration, if not already. See below for link to activate TGCS Membership. 

You will need your TGCS User ID and password to register Member children four years and older. 

TGCS eligibility is not required for three year olds.



TGCS Cyber Saturday Workshop Special Features


Over 30 course hours of unique enrichment for gifted children in preschool through 8th grade 


   Like-minded gifted learners discover, collaborate, and socialize together. 


   TGCS virtual classrooms are live, interactive, differentiating, and engaging. 


   TGCS-developed, advanced STEAM curricula is tailored for gifted thinkers


   TGCS-trained instructors support students' unique abilities and skills


   Class sizes are limited, for optimal student-instructor ratios


   TGCS classrooms strive to balance social and emotional growth with advanced cognitive development. 


Each Cyber Saturday Workshop course includes the above features, plus course materials & home delivery (as applicable), dedicated administrative staff, TGCS-trained instruction staff, exclusive access to TGCS classrooms, activities, and software and other licensing. 





If you have not yet activated/renewed your child's TGCS Annual Membership* for this year, you will need to do so before registering for Cyber Saturday Workshop.

If you have already activated your child's Membership, you may register him or her at any time.




*Not applicable to three year olds. Children four years and older must meet eligibility requirements for TGCS Membership.

TGCS Membership Dues: $50 per year, renewed annually. 

Sibling Discount: TGCS Member siblings beyond the first receive $10 off Member dues.


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